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(My favourite Pokémon is Tyranitar!)

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Morgan Amelia
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom

A huge Nintendo fan and massive digital art nerd. I like to draw cutesy things, often with warm colours.
I use a Wacom Cintiq 21UX and Cintiq 13HD with Photoshop CS5.1 and PaintTool SAI.
I prefer to paint on one layer and my work takes me very little time, although often it is hard to get motivated!

Resident Evil (Mostly Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield) ; Pokémon; Homestuck; Disney; Pixar; Studio Ghibli;Italian food; Photoshop; writing and drawing stories; Copics; Avatar (TLA and Korra); Legend of Zelda (Majora's Mask is my favourite); owls; bats; bears; bumblebees; snakes; Tumblr humour; stars

Cheese; Tumblr 'Social Justice'; public transport; slow computers; unexplainable tablet crashes; soy milk; lavender; lemons; people suggesting I don't work hard; shipping wars; losing at video games; leaving the house without a pencil; my internet going nuts

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Defending Paid Artists

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 14, 2014, 11:33 AM

~Another rant about the world of business within art~

Recently I've been seeing a lot of people defend artists such as witchpaws, who take considerable sums for their designs and artwork.
It's great that we have decent sums of money going to the cause of earning from your art, because we need more people to realise that being an artist should be a profitable job.

However, while it is great to defend in comments (no pitchforks though) and protest in the deviations that the work is 'worth it' - we should also focus on the root of the issue.

There are two roots to the problem of this:
1) Undercharging artists
2) Uneducated masses

The general consensus for charging (starving) artists is that art is not a job. It's not serious, it's a hobby. It's childish, it's not worth your hours.
Yet we are still able to get high paying jobs, we are able to get degrees and PhDs in our subject.
We are the ones who designed everything around you - that monitor you're reading this on, for starters.
When I say uneducated, we let people call us 'starving artists' and lift their eyebrows at us when we say we want to grow up to paint. Why is this still accepted behaviour? 
I will be starting a blog in conjunction with my new business which will hopefully help and encourage artists as workers. We shouldn't have to have a back-up retail job in order to just survive.

Those of us not lucky enough to get work in an industry sometimes turn to Freelancing.

Freelancing is great, if it puts food on the table and earns you a profit.
Do you know what wont do that?
Undercharging yourself.

I cannot begin to express how dismayed I get when I see:

COMMISSIONS, ONLY 10 :points:!!

or even worse, for less points than that.

If you're charging such small amounts, I suppose there is a reason:

"I'm not at a level of art to charge more"
"I don't have the confidence to ask for more"
"I don't think my work would sell for more"

If you don't think you're at a level of quality to be charging for your time, materials and profit on a commission, if you will make a loss because you don't think you're professional enough to do commissions then you probably shouldn't be doing them at all.

Harsh? Perhaps.

But by charging so little, you are damaging those who do charge enough to live on. 
Think about it. Two rival supermarkets, one charges £2 for a bag of popcorn, the other charges 75p. 
Where would you buy the popcorn from?

You then buying the 75p popcorn takes away business from the £2 supermarket. They, in turn, have to revise their prices and drop them.

Now supermarkets make a ton of money every day, they're not the best example but lets transfer this to artists.

An artist charges £12.50 for a drawing. Another artist charges 10p. Artist A is a freelancer, trying to get work in the industry and working a part time job just to eat and pay tax. Artist B is about 13 years old, gets everything paid for at home, but could do with a few pennies to spend extra.

Maybe the quality isn't the same, it certainly wont look the same, but why spend £12.50 when you could save 12400% of your money on getting it elsewhere?

Artist A then goes without their pay, could potentially lose out on paying for shit like Adobe CC (subscription based Photoshop, which is another bone I pick frequently) and then losing money next month. They feel pressured to drop their prices just to entice those who have been spending their sofa-eaten money on Artist B's commissions.

Now see why your tiny point commissions are hurting the masses? 

You're well within your rights to charge whatever you want for commissions, but anything less than minimum wage might as well be a free request. You're not making enough to survive above the poverty line. Would you accept that in a retail job?

Also, think about the word 'commission' -  it is normally an extra payment on an existing salary. 

There are differences. Having a sale, discounting stuff, doing freebies, doing stuff for friends. There are always exceptions.

But next time you charge a tiny amount for your art, just think about what damage you could be doing to yourself, your potential future, and those already making their way, difficultly so, in the world of freelancing.

That is all for now! Opinionated bitch out~

Korrasexual 5ever

Would you enter a copic marker giveaway? 

81 deviants said Yes!! Free copics!
7 deviants said No, not interested/I have enough copics (what)

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Hey there! Nice to meet you at SFS this last weekend : D Hope you got home okay x
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ElTheKing Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It was awesome to see you at SFS! My hoodie feels officially badged now, and they're all really cute ;w;
My friend who I got the Chihiro drawing for told me to tell you thanks and it was amazing!
I wanted to get the headphones too but I couldn't afford them XD
.... I really like your art ;w; *awe intensity maximum*
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Striped-Tie Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"Commissions Are On Hold"
*Internal screaming intensifies*
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Where are youu? I miss you.. :'c
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