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April 30, 2010
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Japan is not a fashion label 2.0 by ditto9 Japan is not a fashion label 2.0 by ditto9
5) I DONT HATE ANYTHING (except cheese)

I've edited the stamp to reflect my opinion better.

The stamp does not mean I do not like anime, nor does it mean those who do enjoy it shouldnt like Japan. Please read the full description!

This isn't the place to debate whether Ghibli is 'anime' or not, thanks! I will debate about that, of course. I percieve it to not be 'anime' in the Western sense, but I am aware that the term in Japanese means animation.
Because of the quality differences in animation and originality between Ghibli feature films and weekly anime releases, I disagree with calling Ghibli an 'anime' in the way that most Westerners percieve the genre.

Created with Zilla's stamp template, as always.


I know we all hate those weeaboo fans who treat Japan like it's Nirvana and everything amazing and pure is from there.
Personally, yes, I love Japan, but I have done since before I knew anime was from there. I've been interested in China and Japan ever since I was very young (very young).
After visiting, I have a changed opinion of it. It was much cleaner, brighter and better than I could have imagined.
And what did I visit?
Yes, the Pokemon Center. I love Pokemon, so why not.
Yes, the Ghibli Museum. Ghibli is not anime as far as I'm concerned. It is animation from Japan. Anime is nothing like the standard and quality of Ghibli, nor is it as original.
Yes, a huge manga and anime store called Animate! because why wouldn't I?
BUT I travelled around the back streets, visited shops and saw buildings tourists aren't meant to see. I saw less of the commercial side of Tokyo in those four days than the rest of it. AND I LOVED IT.
As for anime, I could care less about it. Anime doesn't excite me as it used to. I get more excited reading up on Japanese history and art than I do watching an Anime.
I felt more complete being able to remember all Hiragana than I did watching the end of CardCaptor Sakura.
And I also recognise that there's other places in Asia other than Japan. I've seen Hong Kong, which was AMAZING, and I've stopped off in Thailand.

Basically, my argument is this.
If you want to be taken seriously as a fan of Japan, STOP WATCHING SO MUCH ANIME AND START STUDYING THE CULTURE.
And learn more than 'kawaii' and 'itadakimasu'.

Also, I hate how the anime and manga lovers have given us cultural fans a stigma. We can no longer justify our enjoyment of the Asian culture without someone calling us Wapanese.

And I know there will be people out there who agree with this stamp, and who are hypocritical about it, because I've not seen an anime/manga fan yet say they only like anime and dont like Japan '4 ITS CULTUR'.

Also to clarify: I do enjoy Japanese games, and most of my favourite games originate from there. But I dont like Japan just for its games.

Gawd, tldr: Japan shouldn't have the weeaboo stigma attached, but hey, what can you do. It's been ruined for those who do actually like it.

PS: I know there's other stamps like this, but I felt like making my own. :)

Comment, fave, use, whatever! :heart:
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Knight-commander12 Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love Japan because of everything you listed there from manga and Anime to food and culture. :D
issa098WOOZ Apr 3, 2014  New member
I really like Japan, most especially the sushi! :)
Japan is sooo overrated these days...
Words like "I ♥ Japan" are freaking everywhere.
It only gets annoying and more and more annoying day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.
And the worst is that even the ones that say that dislike it, actually like it at some point, it's common to see a stamp saying "Japan is nothing special" and then on the description say "Don't get me wrong, I like X and Y, I don't hate Japan at all".
Seriously, it just make clear that it's like a sin to hate it.
Many people say that don't love it for just the anime and manga, but say that they DO like it, making the whole argument pointless...since most of them are just trying to don't be hated by the others that don't like it.
Yeah, I'm done with this.
I realllllyyy love Japan. Itd not just the technology, but the mythology and culture. Plus, the movies are amazing. (Though, I do love Anime and Manga.)

Though, China and Italy also peak my interest. I love love loooveeee Italian culture and history. I love their language, its so amazing. I want to visit there one day and Take a course to learn Italian.

But I listen to German translated songs and songs because I care for their language too. WW2 Peaked my interest and so did WW1.

I'm a proud fan!
TheJennyPill Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the culture of Japan and because of it- I became a bit of a kimono snub* like being picky on its authenticity and how ppl wear/draw it -- I even started learning the language and gotten quite far with it!

-- only problem I run into is my friend calls me a weeboo because "I'm trying to be Japanese" because I don't "stick to my own culture" and "don't bother learning more of my cultures language" - I do love who I am,
but setting up kimonos, tying the obijime, trying out new obi styles and learning to make the food is so much fun and I love it to death!
I actually haven't watched anime as much*or even at all for the past 8 years

- after cons- I saw how obnoxious ppl were and those fncking girls who try to high pitch talk to me with their broken ass Japanese - the "nyan!" And DESU parades

- I just quit the cons and only attend the Japanese Festivals -- still hate ppl thinking "otaku" is a compliment and Japan is a "safe haven" for them.
Angel-of-Deceit Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I might absolutely love their games, anime, manga, and all their "kawaii desu" stuff, but honestly, I love the culture, their language is interesting and pretty, and their food is awesome. You honestly cannot properly love a country just because you like the shows or games that come from that place.
Eternities22 Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like Japan, but fuck anime. JUST FUCK ANIME. Dear God is it awful.
Dat-Jojo Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Dam your so right. I really hate people like that, they just dont know anything and they 
create a bad look for all the truly Japan lovers. I thinks its just not fair :I
Its okay to love animes I do too but its not the thing that makes Japan. Thers 
much more about Japan *-*

So thank you very much for made this stamp i really gone use it Komari Kamikita-01 (Happy face) [V7] 

[Sry for my bad english >-<]
what I hate is people who DO use it as a fashion label and barely know anything about it.
I remember once in my anime club, a friend of mine used to always shout out random sounds / words / stereotypical anime girl noises ( sighs, squeals, grunts, shouting random words that 'sound' japanese but aren't, and etc. ) and then told me that learning Japanese is "healthy" and "good for you," and that a doctor told her that. Then she starts calling everyone "onii-chan" and "nii-san" ( which, I think, is the suffix for 'older brother' ) incorrectly in this weird high pitch voice. Then she just started making up random things about Japan like "it was the first country to seperate from Pangea" or something like that, and plenty of other bullshit. THAT'S what I call a "weeaboo." I had never met one in my life, until then. I know she's my friend, but her new habits are really annoying and now I know what people mean by a "weeaboo." Now I know why people bitch about them so much, and how annoying they can really be. Now I know what people mean by "STFU you're not Japanese!"
I just don't like it when people use that word for EVERYONE who loves Japanese culture for what it is. ( like me. )

I mean, it's okay to love anime / manga and not know very much about Japanese culture, ( because that's how everyone starts out; knowing barely anything to nothing about something ) but when you make stuff up just to sound like you know something, it makes you look stupid.

thanks for making this stamp!
ditto9 Jan 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Holy spiders I couldn't deal with that for long, but I know the type you mean entirely. I love anime conventions but you can HEAR THOSE TYPES A MILE OFF and I'm on a table shrinking down thinking 'please dont call my shit kawaii'

I was at a Japanese convention last year and I was sat doing a commission at my table and I heard these girls (I hadn't looked up) go 'KAWAIII' at my art and I nearly face bombed the table I swear but then I looked up and saw three Japanese girls LOL.
It's so sad their actual language had to be ruined :T

It's absolutely fine to enjoy manga and anime without knowing much about Japan but like you said, it's when you take it too far or pretend to 'act Japanese' or do shit like that it's just bringing us Japanophiles (what a rank word, but true, right?) down to the 'weeaboo' level. 

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